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Proprietary Eco-Hybrid recycling technology

We embrace AI-driven collaborative technologies to help battery manufacturers prove their raw materials are sustainable

Eco-Friendly Technology

Simple process

Large range of feedstock

High recovery rates

100% waste water recovery

Highly scalable


GLC Recycle protects  the environment by offering green and low-carbon battery recycling solutions. Our technology-focused approach ensures immediate visibility into all sustainability-related requirements so that our customers' supply chains are risk-free and 100% compliant.


Our tracing technology tracks the digital identities of raw materials at each value-added stage so our partners have full visibility of previously-opaque supply chains.  The digital custody chain allows for full audit trails on blockchain-based ledgers. The records of origins and emissions as well as associated ESG data let our partners and customers fulfil increasingly stricter sourcing and disclosure requirements which will help them qualify for maximum tax credits in ESG-conscious end user markets.


We push the boundaries of recycling until our raw material inflow is 95% purity, so that our highly-efficient process extracts the maximum value from each used battery. The low heat and carbon emissions ensure processing time is lower than average. We guarantee lower power and logistics emissions and help the world stay on track to meet the 2 degree temperature goal in the Paris Agreement. We are the first battery recycler in Asia to meet this standard.

Green Energy Turbines

Closed-loop solutions

We believe in the circular economy as there is less mining of virgin raw materials and wastage of Earth's natural resources. We also aim to achieve Scope 1-3 standards with our supply chain partners.

ESG compliant

The immediate insights which our AI-driven system give our customers will reshape their life cycle assessment and allow them to measure and compare a wide range of visible ESG credentials. This will let them drive best practices in responsible low-carbon sourcing and production. This is especially so as EU Battery Passport and US Inflation Reduction Act will call for increasingly-stringent accountability.

Advanced cybersecurity

At GLC Recycle, we understand the importance of cyber security. That's why we have implemented advanced cyber security measures to ensure the safety and security of our clients' data.

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